19 November 2006

Sakura 8

Sakura LOVES mikan (Mandarin oranges). This is a short video of her demonstrating her enthusiasm.

07 November 2006

Sakura devours books.

06 November 2006

We didn't let her eat any candy, even though she really wanted to. She did enjoy pkaying with it, though.

Sakura is now eating finger food. This is some stuff that Tomomi prepared for her: rice balls, vegetables, and chopped up mandarin orange for dessert.

These were taken in St. Albert, just north of Edmonton. The road was icy and we were hit from behind. Everybody is fine. Sakura didn't even wake up.
We had just put new snow tires on the day before. I suspect that if we hadn't, we might have slid into the back of a full-size pick-up. That might have been a lot worse.
The damage estimate we got in Fort McMurray is $1318.56. They charge $72/hour for labour.

She also likes to pull things out of boxes. She is especially fond of plastic bags, Kleenex, and baby wipes.

Sakura wakes up, sits up, and then starts crying for attention.

05 November 2006

Sakura 7
This is Sakura playing peekaboo with Kim Thygssen, student teacher and daughter of our kindergarten teacher. We stopped by their house on Halloween, and sat around talking for awhile. A ghostly image of Tomomi and Sakura. Tomomi made both costumes. She worked for a month on Sakura's costume. She woke up early and stayed up late to work around Sakura's schedule.

Sakura trick-or-treating for the very first time.
"Dorothy" and a wilted pumpkin. Notice the wig. Tomomi made that too. Sakura hated wearing it.

The sheep is named "Chopper". It's a literary reference to a pet in Dahl's Matilda, and has nothing to do with lamb chops. :)