31 March 2006

My daughter, the old man.

Father/daughter clowning around.

She was really a normal-size baby. Her dad is just really big.

Tomomi made this cake for Sakura's two-month birthday. She said that it took a tremendous amount of time to get it done because she had to squeeze in the time between feedings.
This knife was made by Jerome Anders, M.S. Because the guard is made from the same piece of metal as the blade and tang, this called an "integral". I thought it was particularly interesting because of the horizontal tang. I hadn't ever seen a knife done this way before. I suspect that this might give it more lateral strength than a conventional piece.
This is the face that I have to learn how to say, "No," to. Wish me luck.

She's been playing a lot more since she arrived in Japan. Tomomi said that you can tell that her brain is developing. I believe her exact words were something like, "You can tell that her brain is getting more and more wrinkled."

Things are looking up.

My darling Sakura.
Here's one of my bright-eyed, sour-faced little girl. Tomomi says that her face looks somewhat like an onigiri, a Japanese rice ball that is generally triangular. My in-laws say that she looks more and more like me as the days go by. Every time I hear that, I apologise. I had hoped that she would look more like her mom.

Tomomi took this one with her camera phone. It's one of my favourites.

I realise that I haven't posted in a long time. I suppose it's because I was disappointed by the lack of comments on the few posts that I had made. However, after getting a few requests (demands) that I update, I realised that maybe there are some people that are interested. Sorry for not taking you more seriously.