24 September 2006

Sakura 3

A quick little video of Sakura and Dad playing. She's a bit tired, and a bit cranky. Usually she likes the Flying Baby game a whole lot more. However, we do get a couple smiles and some fun sounds.
Sakura 2

Here's a short video of Sakura headbanging, and trying to crawl.

22 September 2006


This is a short video of Sakura fooling around.

12 September 2006

Sorry, folks, the computer does not want to let me rotate this one. You'll have to do it yourselves.

The pie-eating contest at the Blueberry Festival.

She really likes carrots.

Some pics from the Fort McMurray Blueberry Festival.

11 September 2006

10 September 2006

Sorry, folks. I've just spent an hour trying to download a single image. My upload rate here is around 3kbs, even slower than in Fort Hope. I'm throwing in the towel for the moment. I'm going to hold out until I can get the computer tech to do whatever it is that she must so that I can access the school network. Once I get online with them, some stuff should start rolling.