06 November 2005

This is my newest knife. It is a Himalayan Imports Ang Khola. It measures 15" from butt to tip. It's been forged of spring steel from a Mercedes Benz, and has been differentially heat treated to give it a hard edge, and a more flexible spine. It is an excellent chopper.

I probably shouldn't have bought it. However, as strange as it sounds, it's a kind of therapy. Knives make me happy. Having this little darling in the house actually helps me feel better about life.

It may be hard to understand, but I find that thinking about knives helps keep me sane. When I've got a million things to think about, and I feel I'm losing my mind, I know that I can always change gears, and start daydreaming about my knives.
I'm in the computer lab at the moment, trying to get some work done on my course. I had hoped to get some actual planning and marking done today, but it just didn't materialise. I had a late breakfast, albeit delicious, and then went to the dump to blow away some old CRT monitors with Brent's 12 gauge. After that, I had a couple long phone conversations. All the talk of civilisation got me feeling a bit homesick.

I've got an evaluation coming up. I'm not looking forward to it. I've spent so much of my class time dealing with behaviuor that I'm not confident that I've actually taught these kids enough. It's a tough one. Not only do I have to teach them, I've got to parent them too.