15 October 2006

There are few leave on the trees, and the weather is cooling. We've had a few good frosts, and the sky seems to threaten snow every once in awhile. Yesterday was the coldest day we've ahd so far. In Fort McMurray, id didn't get up much past 5 degrees C.

In addition to our four-stop circuit (Salvation Army, Wal-Mart, Super Store, and Save On), we went to the YMCA to go swimming. We planned to attend the Family Swim, which was from 1300h until 1600h. We arrived at 1415h, and discovered that the Keyano College swim team was having a meet until 1700h. So, we turned around and left. We stopped by Dairy Queen. Tomomi and I shared a Mocha Mint MooLatte. Sakura had a little something to eat too.

We took our time, and then strolled across the parking lot to the Safeway, where we bought some buns for the trip home. Tomomi chose a pizza bun, and I chose a cheese bun.

I think she made the better choice.

Safeway had a bin filled with books. They were clearing them out for 75% off the lowest ticketed price. With Sakura on my hip, I dug through the pile. I found a neat little book with cardboard pages. It was called The Lost Coin. It featured a little gold-coloured plastic coin. The pages had flaps that allowed you to pass the coin from one page to the next. The story was mundane, but the pictures were good, and I liked the kinesthetic component of the gold coin. It was also dirt cheap--$1.50. So, we added another book to Sakura's growing library.

Sakura's library started off with Dr. Seuss' ABC. It now contains about five or six books of our own, and a couple that I've borrowed from the school library. Young children enjoy repetition more than variety, so I'm not too worried about the meagre size of her book shelf. Besides, she's at the age where books need to be very durable to stand up to her grasping fingers and gnashing incisors. We're basically limited to cardboard-paged books at the moment.

She doesn't seem to mind.

I picked up a copy of Casino by Nicholas Pileggi. It the book upon which the movie was based. I started it on Friday, and I'm almost done. That's nearly a miracle considering how busy I've been. I wouldn't have gotten far if I hadn't spend 73 minutes and 18 seconds waiting on hold with Bell on Friday morning. I used that time to start the book and get wrapped up in the story.

This is from the Oil Sands Discovery Centre. It is called a bucket wheel. The small blue structure at the top is the size of a Greyhound bus.

12 October 2006

A little later in the morning.


Just a 14 second vid of Sakura.

10 October 2006

A few pics from our school Turkey Day event.

09 October 2006

Sakura 5

A very short clip of Sakura laughing.
Sakura 4

A short video of Sakura crawling for the first time.
I'd like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who stops by the blog today.

05 October 2006

The Paparazzi Series

Wild horses couldn't drag her away.

01 October 2006

Sakura getting ready for her first swim.

Sakura's 2/3 of a year B-Day + Dad's first payday.

Sunrise over the Father R. Perin School.

Sakura just after flipping over her pink inflatable dog.

Sakura looking guilty.